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New to the Enneagram and want to learn more? Know your number, but want to go deeper? Involved in an organization that could benefit from Enneagram training and team building? Is your organization interested in using the Enneagram as a part of the candidate selection and pre-hiring process? I offer several different types of coaching and consulting services to meet all of your Enneagram needs.

Individual Coaching:

$250 for 5 sessions (also includes a “Discover the Enneagram” session for free)

Couples Coaching:

$350 for 5 sessions (also includes a “Discover the Enneagram” session for free)

Small Group Coaching (up to 10-12 people):

$30 a person for 6 sessions

Workshops and Team Building: 

Enneagram 101 (3-4 hours based on need)- $25 a participant

Going Deeper Sessions (3-4 hours based on need)- $30 a participant

*I can adjust workshops based on organizational needs including 1 hour sessions all the way to half and full-day retreats.

Human Resources Consulting:

According to Psychology Today, 80% of Fortune 500 companies use a personality typing system in their recruiting and interview process. The Enneagram typing system helps to identify a candidate’s core motivation, communication and confrontation styles, as well as how they will potentially fit into current team dynamics. This consulting service includes interviewing the hiring organization to find out the type of candidate they are seeking, administering the RHETI test (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) to potential candidates, and providing analysis for the employer on potential fit based on the candidate’s Enneagram type.

$175 per candidate (includes RHETI test administration and a PDF analysis of potential candidate fit)

For more information or to register for any of the listed services, email me at

Rebecca received her Enneagram Coaching certification from Your Enneagram Coach. For more information, visit Over the last 3 years, she has coached many individuals, couples and small groups through the Enneagram typing process. She has also presented the Enneagram to multiple groups and organizations to encourage and strengthen team building, and personal development. 


Rebecca provided training for a group of women who had never heard of the Enneagram. She did such a terrific job presenting in a fun yet informative manner. Everyone was skeptical in the beginning, but by the end the conversations were flowing and chatter was non-stop!! I give Rebecca 5 stars and would HIGHLY recommend her. Barbara Jackson, Board Chair of Gilgal, Inc.

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