Own Your Life Book Club Part 2

Have you ever sat down and really thought about the talents God has given you so that He might use them for His glory? Oftentimes I get so busy with the daily activities of life that I forget to pause and think my vision for my life- what are the dreams, goals and ideas that I want to pursue? I don’t often pause to pray and ask God to help me live my life with intention and purpose. I don’t ask myself, “What skills, gifts and talents has God given me and how can I use them to further His kingdom?”

In chapters 4 and 5 of Own Your Life, Sally encourages us to pray and figure out the purpose God has given us to do on this earth. My favorite quote from chapter 4 is:

“If you dedicate yourself to taking in spiritual wisdom from Scripture, giving yourself wholly to the purposes of God, disciplining the attitudes of your heart, and stepping out in faith to show Jesus to the world, God will use us to shape history for His glory.” (pg. 47)

Really?!! Me? Shaping history?! That is a really hard pill to swallow. How am I, an ordinary wife and mother, going to shape history? It is really hard for me to dream that big and to see that my life really matters in the Kingdom. But as a wife, mother, friend, etc. I have the opportunity to love well and use my gifts to further God’s purposes in the world.

I need to ask myself the questions Sally asks. “Are you willing to live by faith and bring His influence to bear in every aspect of your life – to live each day filled with His love and power?” “When Jesus lives through someone, He always moves that person to do what is on His heart. He is always concerned to redeem others through the life that is yielded to Him.” (pg. 53)

So, how do we practically “live each day filled with His love and power”? I really like the suggestions she makes in chapter 6.

1. Taking time to wonder- As we ponder who God is and how big His works are, our faith will greatly increase. In order to serve Him in this world, we must be in awe of who He is and how He displays His glory around us. That should bring us to our knees.

2. Becoming like a little child- Children dream big and believe in miracles. What would happen if I stopped worrying so much and just enjoyed life? What could God do through me?

“Even as the tiny, temporary lights of city streets, cars, and signs seem to snuff out the powerful stars, so the false lights and values of this world can darken our minds to the grandeur and brilliance of God. It’s only when we see with the eyes of humble faith and bow before Him that we can hear His instructions.” (pg. 75)

He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way…” (Psalm 25:9, ESV)
God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble…” (1 Peter 5:5, ESV)

3. Practice worshipping regularly

4. Choose thankfulness- If I am constantly discontent and have an attitude of ungratefulness, I will be blind to the work God is doing around me in the situations where He has placed me. But, if I choose to be thankful in all circumstances, I will be more open to what God is doing in my life in the here and now.

I know for me I can read these ideas and turn them into a checklist that I have to accomplish in order to be used by God. But, in the end, only God can work through me and use me for His will. I can try to do all He has called me to in my own strength, but I can’t. I need Him to work through me by the power of His Holy Spirit.

“…for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13, ESV)

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