The Shalom of Advent

The Advent season officially begins this Sunday.

The word advent literally means “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event”. It carries with it a sense of waiting with expectation for said notable person or event.

Advent is pregnant with expectation. But, what are we expecting with the celebration of the coming King? So many things are promised with the coming of Christ. One of those promises is the promise of peace.

If you’ve been hanging out with me lately here, you know I’ve been writing a lot about this idea of Shalom. I plan to continue my study through Advent. We’ll be looking at how the coming of Christ brings peace in 3 main areas.

When Christ came as a tiny babe in that stable so many years ago in Bethlehem, he brought with him a peace that the world had never seen before. He came to bring peace between us and God, between each other here on earth in the present and peace for eternity in the world that is to come.

I know for many of us the thought of Christmas doesn’t bring a sense of peace. More often than not, the coming of Christmas brings a sense of dread and stress. Stress over making everything perfect for our families. Stress over our finances as we seek perfection in our preparations. Stress over having to spend time with family we’d rather not be around.

My prayer for you and for me this Advent season is that we would be on the look out for the Shalom of the season. Let’s learn how to wait expectantly for the peace that only the Christ could bring to our hearts. Will you join me?

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