Two Thoughts

36222871-peaceful-imagesTwo thoughts (in the spirit of vulnerability)-


I’ve spent the last week praying about, studying and working though this idea of contemplative prayer. I realize I have so much to learn. It is a rhythm I want to add to my life this year, but I definitely don’t feel qualified to teach anyone about it. I still fully believe in the idea of rhythms not resolutions, but I also don’t want to fufill the old adage, “Those who can’t do, teach.” Before I can write about and teach others about contemplative prayer, I need to practice it and understand it better. This doesn’t just apply to this topic but to all the topics I write about- I need to live out what I’m going to write about before I write about it.


It’s interesting how God gave me the word, “Imagine” for 2018. I’m always amazed how when He’s really trying to teach me something, He uses many different avenues to expound the teaching. It’s oftentimes how I know it’s from Him- the idea will permeate every area of my life. For instance, I couldn’t stop thinking about the word “Imagine” as I sat in a theater watching “The Greatest Showman” last night. God has consistently been showing me how He builds in each of us the ability to dream and imagine. The Creator created His creations with the ability to create. Oftentimes, at least in my own life, those big dreams, big ideas and big creations are stifled by fears and masks and distractions. Our fears of being known or being unveiled or being seen as broken, keep us from living out fully the purposes for which He’s created us.


You might be wondering how I think these two thoughts collide, so here ya go- my prayer this year is that God would use new rhythms such as silence and prayer as an avenue to open my imagination for the bigger and greater ways He wants to use me and you this year. My other prayer is that the fears that keep us all from being who we were created to be would be squashed and we could lean fully into our gifting and calling.

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