Drunk in the Spirit (Woven, Episode 8)

I’m really excited about this week’s episode. We finished up our discussion of the integration of our souls by diving into the topic of our spirits. We brought Karen McDaniel on to help us. Karyn has a background in occupational therapy, massage therapy, yoga and spiritual formation. She is uniquely equipped to help us work through what it means to integrate our spirits with the rest of us- our body, our minds, our emotions and our hearts. This is a challenging discussion as our spirits are the most inner parts of us and can be very innocuous to define. But, this was a rich discussion including us defining our spirits, talking about what it means to flourish and languish, digging into spiritual disciplines and tackling the topic of spiritual warfare. I hope you enjoy the episode and as always, let me know how we can minister to you through certain topics or by sharing resources. Take a listen to Episode 8!


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