New Series on Woven- Stewardship

Did you know that there are over 2,000 verses in Scripture related to stewardship? To give you some context, there are only about 500 verses on both prayer and faith in the Bible. Obviously God cares a great deal about our relationship with not only money but all the “gifts” (time, relationships, the earth, animals, etc.) He has given us to “steward” while we’re on this earth. Both Rebecca C. and I have learned a lot recently about how God is calling us to steward our resources better hence this new podcast series. In this first episode, we discuss our heart behind the topic and what we believe is God’s heart regarding stewardship. Over the next few weeks, we will talk to experts in the areas of farming, consumer goods and technology so that we (and hopefully you, too) can learn more about what it means to be a responsible steward of God’s creation.

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