Broad Spaces

I grew up in Texas. Most of my life, I heard that Texas was big, like really big, the land of wide open spaces. But, until I moved away and now only go back on sporadic visits, I didn’t really get how big and spacious my home state is in comparison. I love living in GA but there are just so many trees! Even in the country, your line of vision is either obscured by trees or hills. In Texas, the horizon line stretches forever and ever. The land is literally broad. What comes with spacious spaces? Freedom. Not a feeling of being boxed in or pressed in from every side. Our lives with God should feel the same. Our lives with Him can truly be lives of freedom without limitation. God delights in me! He delights in me so much that He rescued me from the narrow, confined spaces of my own limitations and has placed me in the free, wide and broad spaces He’s created for me. Does my life look like one that has been set free to explore His spaciousness that stretches into eternity? Or do I teeter on the narrow precipices of anxiety, fear and bondage that so often box me in? My prayer today is that I will walk out and explore the wide and free spaces He graciously and delightfully provides for me.

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