Holy Saturday


Today is Holy Saturday, a day set aside on the Christian calendar to grieve the death of Jesus. We have the ability to grieve as one who has hope, because we know what happens tomorrow. But, this morning my thoughts are on the disciples (the men and women who served alongside Jesus). They grieved without knowing the end of the story. We sit in the liminal space on Holy Saturday, knowing the resurrection is coming, the disciples did not. For them, it was the end. They sat in the here and not yet without being aware of it, while we get to sit in that same place knowing the yet to come. As I contemplate this reality, I realize most years I blow past Holy Saturday because I know too much. But, not this year. I feel and I believe we all collectively feel like Jesus’ friends did on Saturday right now. We are all sitting in a here and not yet, and the yet to come is unknown. It’s a scary and unforgiving place to sit. But, while many of the disciples grieved without hope, we know Sunday is coming, yes Resurrection Sunday, but also a resurrection in our own current lives. We don’t know when the not yet will happen or what it will look like, as they couldn’t imagine an empty tomb, but because we know the dead rose, we will also rise from this current dark place into new life. Grieve freely today, friend, but grieve with hope.

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