Who Am I?

After much prayer and contemplation, I’ve felt God’s leading to start a blog. Not because I feel like there are many people out there who really care much for what I have to say, but because I feel God is teaching me abundantly everyday more about who He is and who I am not. Maybe there is just one other person out there who needs to hear the same things I need to hear from Him.

I’ve spent days trying to decide what my first post should contain. As I was praying in my car this morning and listening to Pandora, I heard the song “Who Am I?” by Watermark. If you’ve never heard it, please take a second to Google it. Not only is the music beautiful but the lyrics are so compelling. It’s like God said, “Here’s your post.”

Who am I
That You would love me so gently?
Who am I
That You would recognize my name?
Lord, who am I
That You would speak to me so softly?
Conversation with the Love most high,..
Who am I?

I could sing those words back to Him over and over again. Who am I? Who am I that God would love me so gently and so greatly and so perfectly? Who am I that God would call me by name? Who am I that the God of the universe would speak to me, not with words of judgment, but with soft words of grace?

And that’s what this blog will be – a conversation with the Love most high. Like you, I’m just an ordinary girl but by God’s lavish grace; He’s given me an extraordinary treasure. My prayer is that He would be glorified in me.



One Reply to “Who Am I?”

  1. Absolutely. By God's grace, we have value. My counselor asked me this week if I was paralyzed in a wheelchair and couldn't do anything, would I still have value? I said, “Absolutely.” Then she asked if I would have as much value as I do now. I was not as confident about this answer. I responded, “Well yes, in God's eyes.” Often I think it is especially easy for us women to find value through people's eyes, which like you mentioned, Becca, is judgment. It is a new challenge to me to start being more gentle with myself and see me as God does through the grace of Christ. Thank you for starting this blog and sharing your thoughts. Much love, Christine


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