Daddy Can Fix It!

I’m always surprised that my two year old can teach me so much more about spiritual matters than any adult ever could. A couple of days ago, Myla walked up to me distraught that her bear’s sunglasses had broken. (Yes, my daughter’s bear has sunglasses. Thanks Nana!). After inspecting them, I tried to explain to her how they appeared to be unfixable. With a straight face and with extreme enthusiasm, she said, “Daddy can fix them! He fixes everything!”

I was struck instantly by her unabandoned faith in her daddy. Then God brought to my mind Matthew 18:3. Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Most children truly believe that their parents can fix any and everything. The humble faith of a little one is the faith that God expects from all His children. Faith that trusts that He can do anything, fix anything no matter the circumstances.

Then I asked myself a very pointed question, “Do I fully trust my heavenly Daddy who can and does fix everything as much my daughter trusts her parents who are sinful and definitely fallible?” Talk about convicting. (I’m constantly amazed by the fact that parenting is such a sanctifying job.) I pray that I can say in all matters, “My daddy can fix it!”

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, Myla’s daddy did fix her bear’s sunglasses.    

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