Give Thanks


If I’m being real honest, I’m not very good at giving thanks. I don’t keep a gratitude journal and I don’t blog on 30 Days of Gratitude. When times are hard, I’m prone to complaining and when things are good, I’m prone to forgetfulness. Thanksgiving does not come naturally to me. But, I do know this, God calls us to be thankful 100s of times in scripture so to ignore that He cares about me having a grateful heart is at the very least foolish if not utterly sinful. I tell my kids over and over to be grateful for what they have and to tell others thank you, but where am I cultivating those same attitudes in my own heart? When was the last time I told a friend I was thankful for their life or my husband for his support or my kids for keeping their rooms clean? When was the last time I thanked God for his mercy, goodness and enduring love towards me? The fact that I can’t answer those questions puts a check in my spirit. Lord, help me to see with your eyes the gifts all around me and give me the words to express gratitude in a genuine way. I can’t snap my fingers and make myself more thankful, but I know the God who can. Lord, make me more grateful. Amen.

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