Woven and Patreon

It’s hard to believe but Woven is approaching it’s one year anniversary! What a blast it has been to learn how to create and launch a podcast. It gets more fun every week. We are now at a crossroads with it where we are spending a decent amount of money every month to keep it going, and we also want to continue to grow it which also takes money and time. Most podcasts go one of two routes, they either get advertising or they do a sponsorship program similar to PBS/NPR. A lot of content creators these days are using a platform called Patreon which after a lot of prayer and research, we’ve decided to use as well. Using Patreon, we can get sponsors to support the podcast at different levels and each level will have benefits for the sponsor, i.e. bonus episodes, newsletter devotionals, lunch meet-ups, etc. Whether or not you have any interest in supporting Woven in this way, I still encourage you to look at our Patreon page- https://www.patreon.com/woveninhim It’s a really neat platform and creators there are building some wonderful communities. Thank you for all the ways you’ve supported Woven this past year in small and big ways. I seriously could not do it without your love and support. I’m so excited to see what God does with it in the years to come.

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